5 minutes diet plan

Nutrition plan development in 5 minutes

The professionals – with reference to those who draw up and recommend nutrition plans – will recognize themselves in the following descriptions: at the beginning of my career, with lots of energy, a pen, paper and a computer, I worked for 2-3 hours to draw up a nutrition plan for a week. The next step was the development of a database in Excel thus decreasing the nutrition plan draw up time to about an hour. In both situations, the end user left with a sheet in his hand and a .pdf file sent by e-mail.

Focusing ourselves on the execution, we realize that we cannot cover essential aspects as we ought to: the attention to the client or patient, the time dedicated to his monitoring or to the necessary modifications of the nutrition plan.

Illusively I asked myself, what would be the feeling I would experience if the time allocated to the completion of a nutrition plan would be considerably reduced. To how long ? To a few minutes!

I launched the challenge building up the team with internationally known developers, programmers, doctors and nutritionists.

What was the result?

FeedMe Smart, a professional software for the development of diet plans, for meals planning and monitoring, shopping list draw up, advanced registering, monitoring and reporting the clients’ progress and the feedme smart mobile application – “the online nutritionist”.

How long do you think it will take to make a recommendation to your client, including the fill in of the case history questionnaire?

          5 MINUTES!

How much time will the modifications to the diet plan, the communication with the clients or the monitoring of their activity “take away”?

          It’s rests with your appreciation as they are done in real time.