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Nutritionist online

You have a diet plan drawn up by: your coach or sports trainer, the nutritionist or dietician doctor and you have a few questions which came up after you started the diet. What do you do? In a first stage you think of calling and if you are a little lucky and he is not with a client or patient, he will answer. In a second stage you think of sending an e-mail to which he will probably answer when he will find some time off. The third variant is to meet him again at the gym or at his practice.

All this effort for a question or because you do not tolerate one of the prescribed nutrients.

In the digital era, normality would be the “open line”, that is, being online with him.

Let us imagine the following scenario: the nutrition plan be customized and possible to be accessed from your telephone, the communication be fast, your activity monitoring, nutrition plan modifications or any other modifications in your account be done in real time.

The solution is FeedMe Smart, a professional software for the development of diet plans, for meals planning and monitoring, shopping list draw up, progress advanced registering, monitoring and reporting and the feedme smart mobile application – “your online nutritionist”.

The login activity may be activated online by the creation of an account on the website or by an accredited nutrition counselor.