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Membership Level change

You have selected the Business Edition membership level.

  • try our Free Trial using the CODE: FreeTrialBusiness
  • first payment: after 14 days - activation fee ($99) + no. of profiles in use
  • then:
Number of profiles Cost/Month/User:
Up To 10 Profiles $5.9/profile/month
Up To 25 Profiles $5.5/profile/month
Up To 50 Profiles $4.9/profile/month
Up To 100 Profiles $4.5/profile/month
Up To 250 Profiles $3.9/profile/month
Up To 500 Profiles $3.6/profile/month
Up To 1000 Profiles $3.4/profile/month


The price for membership is $104.90 now and then $5.90 per Month.

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