Chinese dietetics – The energy part of nutrition

A harmonious combination between the allopathic nutrition and the energy nutrition

Being aware of the role of nutrition in our life, we try to have a healthy lifestyle. The access to information about:
– mathematical calculation of our caloric needs
– different types of food recommended, depending on blood type or sensitivity
– specific recommendations for sport performance
online professional nutrition software, containing diets developed by nutritionists, dieticians and physicians
– mobile app that enable us to transmit the diet plans and the daily registrations as well as effective communication with a nutritionist
it helps achieving wellness as a “physical” component of a balanced state.

In order to acquire health and a balanced state, we need to combine harmoniously the “physical” and the energetical components of our nutrition. The traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by one of its methods named Chinese dietetics, will help us to complete our knowledge. The understanding of the concept of Yin – Yang, The Theory of 5 elements, and the Qi Energy, will help us to see ourselves as a “whole” (physical and energetical being)

TCM perceives the human body holistically, preventing imbalances using the following 8 methods:
Physical exercises
Feng Shui

Our aim with the articles which are to be written related to this theme, is to make each of us able to identify our own typology, through the prism of the 5 elements, to study the food classification and kinetic theory of foods, to prepare our body and good food for us taking into consideration our typology, the seasons and other factors, to acquire the secrets of food preparation using macrobiotic theory, to be aware of the fact that ‘we are eating when we do’, to know what is the role of the supervisor (nutritionist, dietician) in our personal diet and last but not least, to get recipes and food preparing techniques.

In the next article we will synthesize the TCM theory: the concept of Yin – Yang, the Theory of the 5 elements and Qi Energy, which opens the way and helps us to understand the Chinese dietetics.
• The basic principle of TCM is that the environment and the human body are supported by the Qi Energy. When this energy flows uniformly and harmoniously in our body, we are healthy
• The body-energy flow is provided and supported by a dynamic process between two opposite poles, called in Chinese philosophy Yin – Yang. In fact, the whole universe can be interpreted by this concept. The human body is a small-scale universe, governed by the same laws.
• The Theory of 5 elements develops the concept of Yin – Yang, and helps us to understand how our internal organs are functioning by energetic points of view, the interaction between them and their relationship with the environment.

Dana Pop – nutritionist
Nandor Barta – collaborator TCM